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From United States 

Genre Alternative/Alt. Rock

Tone Poet is an American, Middle Eastern, Singer/Songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist. Tone Poet’s artistic musical style, unique sound effects, and live instrumentation draws the population in to see his world through your ears.

The talented songwriter rising up from the under ground with his early works, (Vicodin, Silence, and Burn) to an exceptional experimentation of lyrics for the making of newer songs like Road Trip and Phosphate to go with a final making of Open Communications, made his complete album with the title, “Open  Communications”.

Tone Poet first started in 2004 in Seattle, WA. However, he discovered a musical interest for piano at the age of 12, drums at the age of 14, and guitar and vocals at the age of 16. Tone Poet eventually found himself in many underground bands playing guitar, drums , and singing before going into a solo project. His purpose for music and musical roots continue to grow, which has expanded to the unthinkable as of today.

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