Alien dream state 2

Believe it or not, I have found inspiration that mostly exists in dreams and the one I’m about to tell you is responsible for 80% of the music I write.

In short, I don’t believe we are alone on this voyage out here in the galaxy on this little planet known as earth.  I believe at the end of the day we all have a lot to say about where we go when we die but deep down I don’t think anyone really knows for sure, however, it’s comforting to have some idea of the past and present, even if it is all based off perception, after all when you think about it that’s really what life is, one big perception of one’s reality.

In 2004 I was living in Seattle making money wherever I could. Playing shows at coffee shops and bars trying to make an honest living as a songwriter.  I had a small apartment to myself on the outskirts of Renton, WA. Somewhat close to Setac Air Port, so I could hear the plains coming in as they would land and take off.

Since my apartment was placed on a big hill I had a great view of downtown overlooking Seattle. It had been a long day and it was now coming to an end. At this time of the night I always liked to step out onto my balcony which overlooked the city lights of Seattle while drinking a glass of wine before bed.

As I stood outside on my balcony, I was thinking to myself about how great the view was as I normally did at the end of the day. However It wasn’t long after staring off at the city lights I noticed there was some odd looking aircraft flying high above the city. All of a sudden I was put into a surreal dreamlike state. I could feel the wine glass in my hand changing shape. However, it still remained the same to the naked eye, but as I held it, it felt more like a rock. As if I was actually holding a rock instead of a glass. The weight became heavier as well. When I looked back up at the sky it became a dark reddish color that I can’t explain to this day. After noticing the alien looking sky, I also noticed that everything I had been hearing , the traffic,  the neighbors TV, the sound of my breath as I breathed, the scrapping sound picking up my wine glass off the edge of the balcony and then to drink. All the little sounds we don’t think about were all of a sudden gone and all I could hear was silence. The only time I could hear anything was if I would stare long enough at it or think about it for a good 5 minutes or so. It was a long lasting and agonizing silence.

At this point the only thing on my mind was fear of the unknown. I can remember feeling like everything and anything I have ever known has been a lie and how angry I was for being lied to.

As I stood on my balcony I could see these blue looking UFO’s moving ever so close to me minute by minute. Each one had a big red bar wrapped around the aircraft. It seemed as if they had a goal, as if they appeared to be looking for a main power source of some kind to take out. I had a dreadful feeling that whatever it was that they were looking for had to do with our survival, and by destroying it we as humans would most likely no longer exists. Right at that moment I remember seeing what looked to be F18 Fighter Jets flying in, ready to take on the unidentified spacecraft. I thought, thank God help has arrived! However, what I saw shortly after their arrival was devastating.

The two leading F18’s dropped into position close to downtown like a dog standing over his food bowl growling as if to say, stay back! Then two more fighter jets flying low, breaking the sound barer right over my apartment headed straight for downtown as if all of mankind was facing extinction.

I remember feeling so sad for those pilots and at the same time so proud that they were willing to give their lives for mine. However I got the feeling that they were just as scared as I was. As if they knew that this could be the end for all of mankind.  I began to cry as all I could do was watch in terror at the mass destruction that was about to take place.

It wasn’t, but a split second after they flew over me, the 15 UFO’s had arrived to the sky above downtown. As I looked over the city, missals were now being fired from the F18’s as well as gun fire. I remember seeing these American pilots giving it everything they had. I remember feeling their desperation as they would pass by with fear written all over their faces. They fought these UFO’s with such bravery and courage.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so in the moment as I did at that time. All the love, all the hate mixed in with a desperate need to survive was epic but no matter how hard they fought in the end all 37 fighter jets had been shot down.

Once these alien fighters had found a way to take control of the sky above, one of them stopped as they passed by my balcony slowly into a hover like state. They had fought off the F18’s using super strong sound waves that would block any missile or bullet. In return their weapons were sending out a magnetic flux line pulse that began shutting down the F-18 fighter jets causing them to crash into the city below.

As the alien spacecraft came by it stopped and shined a bright spot light at me as if they knew I was aware of what had just happened. I started to panic and decided to run back to my bedroom. I was hoping all of it was a dream and thought by going into my room to lay down on my bed I would then wake up! So, once I got to my room I did just that.

As I laid there two entities had entered my room. They both just stood there at the foot of my bed looking at me with sympathy as if I were a dumb animal that had just been tagged.

Shortly after I woke up and felt as if I was out of place. Like I had experienced something I will never truly understand. All I could do at that point to feel sane was to play my guitar and sing and just sit there and think about how all of this within our reality has come to be.

Most of what I got from this dream I have put into one of my most recent albums The Red of Gold in hops that others will find what I have, out of this hole experience in which I have gone through. To this day I am still not sure if this was a dream or a real life experience.

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The Red of Gold

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