When The Planets Align

It’s another cold day on the lake front just outside my house where I can see the fog rolling off the top of the lake’s surface. As I woke at 7am on this fine morning, I took sometime before starting my day with a cup of coffee and looked out the front window of my living room, which gave me a great view of the lake just below my house. About 200 yards from my front door. As I stood there, I thought about how I had second thoughts before moving my family out here on this 400 acre bit of land so far away from the nearest town, but I just couldn’t take dealing with neighbors anymore or the loud traffic driving by my house. Not to mention your happy go lucky door to door salesman that like to walk up and knock on your front door, as if to say buy this you need it. No one in my opinion should have the right to just walk up to your door and knock without calling you first or at least send an email. By living on this 400 acre piece of paradise these cheesy salesmen will now have to hop my fence and trespass on my land without getting bit by my dogs or shot by my new improved taser gun. YES TASER GUNS aaaaaa! And just in case they feel like getting stupid there’s nothing wrong with packing your Glock 27, because you just never know what can happen on 400 acres of your own land way out in the middle of nowhere. Being that most of my life I have lived in big cities I found the forest to be a place of beauty and tranquility, but at the same time it’s kind of creepy too. Sure it is peaceful and full of wildlife. However, there are these moments when I am out chopping wood and there’s just complete and utter silence. It’s as if I can almost feel the magnetic energy beaming off of the trees and the nearby lake.

One morning, as I was out clearing a trail to ride my mountain bike on, this same silence came over me. However, this time there was a low hum along with it resonating deep from within the woods. At first, I thought, well it maybe just a generator of some sort, but as I got closer it was obvious that this was no regular old generator. I could also now see bright lights reflecting off the trees. Just then, I quickly duck down below the bushes grabbing my side arm and putting one in the chamber. However, at this point I was wishing I had brought my AR-15. I can still remember the fear I had, but it wasn’t like any other kind of fear that I have ever felt before, but more of this gut wrenching thought that I had in the back of my head telling me that whatever was out there had the power to cut my head open and play with my emotions, as if I was some kind of science experiment for them to test on. I wanted to turn back, but the curiosity I had inside was pushing me forward.

As I approached the outer rim of this light, there was about a 200 foot drop off. Below there were villages with house, factories, and what looked to be shopping centers, at first I could not believe what I was seeing? It was a city of little people about the size of big ants. After accepting what I was looking at could be real, I then thought maybe I accidentally ate some magic mushrooms and just forgot that I was on them, but never the less, I had to get closer. So I proceed down the left side of this small canyon and walked down to the nearest opening. Once at the bottom of the hill, turning my head to the right, I could now see the entryway of this bizarre little world.

At this point I could feel no fear. After all, they were tiny compared to me. However, at the same time I was still in shock that something like this could be real. I kept thinking about the day and whether or not I was on drugs without knowing it, but after sometime I finally just gave in and decide to pay my little buddies a visit.

As I approached the front gate I could hear a loud siren going off and some military looking aircraft flying head level, coming straight at me. I can still remember the way they looked. All of them reminded me of a pack of well trained honey bees. They also had tanks driving out the front gates of the city with their canons aimed straight at me. I thought, wow this really is real!

I just couldn’t believe how small they were, but Small or not there were hundreds up on thousands of these little people and all of them appeared to have one mission on their minds and that was to bring me down no matter what the cost. You know that fear you get just after you thinking you’re king of the hill but you then later on find out that you’re about to have your butt handed to you? Well yeah, it was kind of like that…. I remember turning to run, but right before I did one of the tanks shot my left ankle. It felt as if someone was shooting me with a BB gun. I ran like I have never ran before. I had got some good lead way before one of the helicopters fired a missile at me. However, this was no ordinary missile. This missile was loaded with a kind of poison that was trying to bring me to my knees. I remember feeling myself slowing down as soon as this little missal went off right by my left ear, sounding like a small firecracker, but still loud enough to make my ears ring. At this point I became mad with rage and at the same time rushed with fear. I know I could not go on any longer, so I grabbed my side arm, pulling it out of my holster right off my right hip, and fired it in a rapid motion at these little tanks on the ground. Bullet after bullet hit the ground. I was killing them by the hundreds upon hundreds. Even their aircraft didn’t stand a chance. These little choppers would come at me in packs, but I just kept swinging my arms hitting several in mid air and then watching them fall one by one.

Once the rest of the tanks made it to my feet I began stomping on them as well just as I did on the helicopters after they would hit the ground. I then had rage inside for these little people and wanted all of them dead.

Because they were so much smaller than me I could not hear them, but I could see them. Some of them were throwing up and coughing out blood.. Some even had their heads blown off and it was all because of me, but they had given me no choice because I wanted to live too. After about an hour or two of this orgy bloodbath going on, it wasn’t long when I saw a missal the size of a pen or pencil coming out of their city, about a hundred feet away. It had one very bright light behind it. I saw this missile go straight up and then come straight back down heading my way. So of course once again I turn to run, but it was no use. After about 30 seconds of running I was struck by this missal in the back of my head.

As I went down I could see them coming my way with the tanks and helicopters that they had left over from the fight we just had. They got up to me at about arm’s reach and then they just stopped and waited there for a good five minutes or so. I remember trying so hard to stay away wake, but it was no use as I soon fell asleep, feeling my body quickly becoming numb and dozen off with my eyes shut. Soon I awoke to a grim reality only to find about 200 tanks pulling me in the dirt. I tossed and turned trying to get out of their metal ropes, but it was no use since I was still under their drug. They pulled me about 200 feet in the opposite direction that I had been running back to their so called city. I remember being able to hear them as they shouted with joy. Saying over and over again, we killed the giant, we killed the giant. The closer I got to the front gate of their city the louder they got.

As we passed through the front gate I noticed that I was starting to become small in size. Second by second I shrunk until I had appeared as one of them. I then quickly passed out once again, but this time when I had opened my eyes I then saw the horror and insanity of madness. I was now one of them in size and all they wanted with me was to understand just who and what I was. Their shouts of fear, excitement, and cheering became very loud.

Once in the city I was taken by five to six men that took me to an underground bunker. They told me that they where from another world and that every five years on their planet, they have something like this happen. It is called an alignment. A man then took me by the arm and walked me down four flights of stairs into a room that looked as if it was a bunker or a shelter. They sat me down and said these words:

You are not to talk. You are only to listen. This will hurt you and you will suffer, but when you wake this will all be forgotten. My name is Fithtrinity son of the seven moons, We are 500,000 light years away from your planet. You have fallen into our reality because your planet fell into the same alignment as ours.

Because this is a phenomenon for us as well, we will experiment on you to find the best possible solutions for invading your world. He then went on to say. You humans are alone because that is what you believe. There is no rocket ship that can take you to our world or the stars beyond your planet. There is only the mind and the perception of the mind. That is the source of time travel. Because you humans are not aware of this you will be best suited for scientific experiments. Do not blame us for your own ignorance. I have noticed that on your planet you dissect frogs because they are not of your sophistication and as you can see we are doing the same. The only difference is that you will survive.

I told him in these words with my head hanging sideways and blood dripping down my face:

You sick little demons, you think we don’t know about you. You are in every religion of every race on our planet. Your time of invasion is known in a book called the Holy Bible in a chapter called Revelations. On my planet, little demons like you die slow. I then laugh and say,
You’re better off killing me before I return home and share these words of mine with my planet. We will not go easy, and I will personally see to it that all of you will be dissected like the frogs we cut open and you will not survive! For what you are about to do to me right now is nothing more than pure evil.

May our God have mercy on your sick little souls. He then began to ask me about our God and what other worlds besides earth knew of our God. I could then feel the fear coming off of him. His body was putting off different colors of light. These beings communicated with not just words and body language like us, but also with coolers that lit up from their arms, feet, legs, stomach, and head.

All I could do at this point was just laugh and think to myself about how all I really wanted to do today was just clear a trail for my mountain bike. Aaaaaaah,

I also could feel myself slipping in and out of whether or not this was real, but as soon as I saw that round sharp blade they had spinning around and around on a shaft, I knew this had to be real. However, it didn’t set in until they grabbed me by the hair and proceeded to cut my head open in a circular motion. They pulled the cap off my scalp, leaving the brain intact, and believe it or not, I was awake the whole time screaming in fear with pain. My head felt as if they were banging on it with a hammer, I could also feel the white cold air rushing into my scalp as if a burst of wind just blew inside my brain. I remember my head bobbing around in this vise they had me in and then begging to be let go. They used utensils of different shapes to poke around in my brain, creating different reactions and emotions to emerge. As they did this, I began laughing with sense of memories flowing through me as well as crying. There were even memories of a time when I went surfing and only to be dragged down to the bottom of the ocean floor and having the feeling of grains of sand hitting the side of my face.

Following right after, came a memory of being on a roller coaster, heading downwards of the slope of the coaster’s hill. All the excitement and thrill came back as if it was really happening in real time. But for what it’s worth I came to eventually and watched them decide between which scalpel or utensils they would us on me next. Terrified, while they continued I fell into other memories and feelings of sensations.

After what seemed to be three hours or so of this I then woke up in my bed with a splitting headache, laughing it off as if it was just another dream…..

If anyone out there has gone through something of this nature please comment and share below. Good day!


Tone Poet

Co-Author Amber Wilson

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