Black Sunday

It was a Sunday afternoon just after 12 o’clock, when I found myself downtown San Francisco at a palm reading shop called, Freedom. It was a little blue shop tucked into an alleyway surrounded by wild alley cats. I wanted to see what they had to say about my future. Not that I believed anything great would happen from it, but I wanted to try it out only because I have never tried it before. They say, curiosity kills the cat. However, on this Sunday I walked into their waiting room only to find a lady in her mid 30’s dressed in a dark purple silk robe asking me to sit down as if she knew of my arrival. Just across the room there was an older lady, with bleached blond hair and wearing way too much makeup for the wrinkles she wishes to hide. She seemed sweet, but definitely had a witchy vibe to her. One of the first things she said to me was, “I’m a witch”, as she smiled. She asked me, “Curious?” I told her, I’ve never done this before and was curious about what the palm reader had to say about how we came to be on this little planet called Earth. The lady then started talking about her religious beliefs. After hearing from her what I felt was a load of BS, I quickly made a dash for the door, but as I turned back at her while reaching for the door knob attempting to leave, I couldn’t help myself from looking at her straight in the eye, while she said, “I know”, in the most sarcastic tone, which obviously caught my attention enough for me to sit back down. As she proceeded, she began to talk about who our creator was.

These are her words:

Once long ago, God created man, but not just one type of man, many different types. He created men who looked different from each other, as well as different planets for them to live upon. Even though these planets were populated by their own races they still could not make peace and get rid of their evil ways. So, God in return created a planet called Earth. Unlike the other worlds, He made himself known in this one, and instructed a book to be made. He also created helpers in which we call angels to guide us in his ways of peace and harmony. However, like these beings that God created, He gave the angels the same abilities as he gave to his new creations, known as humans, we know of this gift today as “free will”. God decided with these angels he could help control order, but because God went and gathered so many different walks of life from so many different planets, this order was much needed before placing them all onto one planet known as Earth.

Through this I looked puzzled, even so, she continued on explaining, God is of love, but the infection of this planet didn’t start with Earth. God put a certain angle in command of all the other angels who had even more free will and power than the others. Enough to be measured as a holy and beautiful guide that could even be prayed to. His name now is considered to be Lucifer, Satan, the Evil One, and Adversary, but not to worry, because God knew that his beautiful leader was plotting against him from the beginning. She then placed her hand on mine as she was telling me this and said, You see, God knows all when it comes to his creations, he continually gave his best leader Lucifer, chance over chance to change his ways, but every time, the angle failed. So, because of this, never again did he keep the humans separated from him. And because of this God decided to destroy all the infected worlds and create a new spiritual realm for all his creations to live in which we now call the Galaxy.
Within this Galaxy, there are creatures that God continues to create. We are as a whole and considered to be alien to this world in which we possess. Even though most of us were born on this planet we are still not fully compatible with Earth, for we are creatures of other worlds. This is why so many other people have such things as allergies and other defects known as disease. Even though most of us have integrated to this new planet a lot of us feel the effects through our own alien DNA, but keep in mind my dear boy; this is the way God made us. Remember, in every living thing/element there is life!

Shortly after she said those words, the hair on the back of my neck began to rise. Every bit of self doubt was telling me she is a fake, a phony, a crazy person without a care in the world. However, at the same time I could feel what seemed to be the presence of an angel on my left shoulder saying to me in these words, “Sit, be still, and listen”. And that is exactly what I did.

So I looked back at her calmly and nodded my head as if to agree. She then went on to say: With keeping this in mind, God decided to banish his greatest angle out of his realm into a hidden place, but not to take away his life, but so he would not cause anymore harm towards his plans or his creations. You see young man, this is where the confusion comes into play for most people. And added to that confusion is also where the Holy Bible comes into play, which also brings great doubt in who our creator is.

The Adversary of evil is still here on this planet along with God, but God has a plan for everyone that is very much different than what this so called “Holy Bible” says. His plan is to give everyone a chance, which leads down so many different avenues of beliefs and religions. Sometimes God will reincarnate those who didn’t get a fair hand in their lives. Those that he creates that have new souls are to be extremely new souls, but most of the souls that are here on Earth are ones that have been here for ages and just haven’t woken up to their reality yet. Keep in mind my dear, it has been hard to keep this history alive with so many people who condemn witches as this negative thing, only to be burned at the stake, or are to be considered as crazy.

Our creator has a new plan for us. He still loves the Adversary as he loves all his creations and will never destroy him, but what he will do is get rid of death and pain. He brought a light into this world to communicate with us. However, at this point in time due to our own ignorance we are not able to communicate with God as we are, for we are much like animals in God’s eyes which make us his pets, or as others would say, children.
She tells me in these words. Think about it like this Mr. Tone Poet. You don’t sit down with your dog and explain to him about how you need to downgrade his dog food from organic to GMO because you just lost your job and can’t afford to feed him the dog food that he was getting before you lost your job do you? Our minds are much too limited with the greed and ignorance in which we as humans have allowed to take place here on Earth. This is because of the free will in which God has given us.

This light that he has given us was made into the form of a human as we are. This light gives us instruction in how we are to be, so we can practice with it as much as possible. Most people call this light Jesus, Yeshua, and Adonai. Whatever name you want to call him is ok. This light God made was made to help us find our path back to him. The light states that God himself is going to make us new again while still keeping us intact with each other, as well as in the spirit of life itself, but those who do not listen, or try to change from their grip from this reality will be left behind, which makes God cry, bringing rain from the heavens above.
When we become in the spirit with the Creator it is only then when we will truly know everything and be at peace with ourselves, but until then our Creator will never give up for he must save and helped everyone. Some of God’s angels that have stayed with him are still helping us today.

As we are brought through the light into this world, we have visitors that will guard us, check on us, and send us messages. A lot of people call them UFO’s. Sometimes they shine with beautiful lights of orange, white, and even pink, as well as many different sizes and shapes. We must keep in mind though that the Adversary has his followers too and they can easily be mistaken for kind and peaceful beings in which they are not. The light gives us a spirit within those who believe, this in return givas us stringth, healing us back to our own original human makeup/DNA, some people to this day know this light as the Holy Spirit. All that there is to do here on Earth now, is to help and care for each other, as well as the earth itself, but most importantly, prepare for the spiritual invasion also know as the end of time. However, in God’s eyes time does not exist. For God time is nothing more than a countless motion that comes and goes with out asking. Time is irrelevant and is found in a human function we call perception.
When the creator comes back, the light will collect the last of us who have tried tirelessly to change our hearts for the good of human civilisation. He will then destroy this Earth and take us home. By doing so this will separate us from the negative. The Yin and Yang will cease to exist altogether, however, our creativity will never die, for we will always and continue to be his children (In biblical terms, in His Image).

After everything she had been saying to me, all I could do was sit there and just look at her with this confused, yet curious expression on my face. As the moment began to die I slowly got up from my seat and started heading towards the door, she continued to talk endlessly about her beliefs, but at this point it was just too much for me to take in all at once. Politely I said to her, thank you and walked away.

Once outside, I walked up the street past the coffee shops, to my car that was parked on the side of the road. Once there I got into my car and headed for the motel. After ariving at the motel I got to my room and decided to order take out, but just then I realized my debit card wasn’t in my wallet. I then remembered leaving it on the counter with the palm reader. So, I got back into my car and headed back to the palm reader. Once there I walked into the shop, and then proceeded past the lady that I had been talking to, except this time she had long gray hair and white faded eyes and was just sitting there staring at me as if she had know clue who or what I was. Not thinking much of it I picked up my debit card which was laying right next to the cash register, but as I put my card back into my wallet all of a sudden I immediately notice that it was dark outside, as if it could be around 10 p.m. Funny I thought, how could it be dark at 3pm? Not only that, but the counter top that I had just picked my card up from was now layered in dust and was worn; looking much older than it had before.

The first thought that came to mind was, could this be a dream? Frightened, As most of you can imagin I looked shocked. Nothing but an old run down shop that was missing it’s door, full of spiders, missing furniture, and broken windows. Everything in the store for the most part had a grayish color to it. There was also a weird musty smell in the air and everyone that I had seen in this palm reading shop was now gone. As if they were never really there to begin with. Terrified, I walked out the front doorway, never to return again.
If anyone out there has experience something in relation to this story, Please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading our blog, God Bless!
Tone Poet
Co-Author: Amber. Wilson

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