Finding Balance


As I step back to take a look at which side I am on, I start to ask myself more and more each day whether or not it’s what’s best for human life, and what impact it will have on our planet? As well as the animals that roam it. If there’s one thing I’d like to make happen before I leave this world it would be to better the quality of human life and the planet that supports it.

I think by now it is pretty obvious that our species has become a dominant force in taking over this planet and the life in which it is consumed by. However, if that is true then why is it that we are so destined to destroy it with the use of war and how we go about consuming energy for the use of our cars and the houses we live in? The physical need we have inside to destroy and conquer I believe is within all of us, but we must ask ourselves where and when do we draw a line, in which we are not willing to cross? We must have boundaries if we are going to have balance.

In other words if we as a society would just find peace here on earth, just think about how much more time we would have on our hands to come up with new technologies that would allow us to explore space. Just think about the weapons we could come up with, if the hole world came together to try and figure out a strong defense from invaders that may travel light years from deep within our galaxy. I am a firm believer in God as I think even he expects us to figure this out. Maybe that’s why he put us here as if this is some kind of test, to see if all of us here on earth are going to come together and stand strong. Or fight like dumb animals only to become extinct.

The balance I am referring to is much like the one you see in a yin yang, black on one side representing evil and white on the other representing what is of good. As the two dots in the middle represent balance. The only way in which we are to know if this balance is off is if there is too much of one thing going on in our lives. Ask yourself what do you see and how does it make you feel? Happy or sad? Then ask yourself how often do you feel this way?  By calculating this you will know if there is a consistent level of balance within your life.

It’s funny how some people strive to be rich. Thinking it will solve all of their problems and to a certain degree I think it will, but only for so long, and here’s the reason why. If all you’ve ever known is happiness then how do you know what happiness really is without the opposite effect, which would be to suffer?

It is impossible to truly understand one side without noway of knowing what the other side may be. The only reason we strive to have happiness in our lives is because we know what it means to suffer. As I sit here at this park in Tillamook, Oregon typing out this blog, I can’t help but notices the guy sitting down below me fishing off the doc. Every time I come to visit a new town I always wonder how the people that live there go about living their daily lives.

So, I start to wonder was this guy on his day off from work and could this be a routine he has every weekend to sit there and fish? He looks somewhat depressed as I can understand why. By the looks of things here in this little town it would seem even on the 28th of June there is overcast. However, I sense that he is also somewhat happy to have this routine and for the moment I am happy for him. Yet, I can’t help but wonder could this be the balance in which we are all searching for between right and wrong?

Obviously, for me I find balance in writing music and connecting with other like minded people, but that does not mean songwriting is for everyone. In fact I only see music as a tool and a way of connecting with others as if it is a foreign language.

For the most part like anyone else all I really want is happiness. If writing music is my way to happiness then so be it. In the end I think we all have to suffer whether we like it or not because like I said, it really is the only way we can define what happens is.

So the next time, you find yourself in a bad situation don’t forget about what the outcome will be if you live through it. At some point you will only have two choices. One is to be positive as the other is to be negative. As most people know, it is much easier to be negative in the short run then it is to be positive. However, given the long-term outcome being positive makes more since.

I can honestly say that no matter how hard things get there will always be a negative as well as a positive side to everything, and in return we find this through perception. I believe music is a great way of bringing out a positive perception. It can alter the most negative person into a positive light if you let it. I guess for some of us we have to be at our final end before we are willing to try something that is of the unknown. To get a better understanding of what I mean by this blog, click on the link below and take a listen to my most recent album Open Communications.


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