Road Trip

Road tripTaking a road trip is a great way to get away from the responsibilities of life, give yourself sometime to breathe freely. Sometimes the stress of life can suffocate the dreams we hold on to so tightly when we don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses, so being saved by sometime off can be a great way of finding inspiration.

Get out and escape the prison of daily life and explore all the mysteries our world has to offer. Ask yourself what do others do for adventure? Where do you go and what do you see? Travel! This type of exposure can be a great experience or a bad one. Also, and just out of curiosity on my part what are the time differences for you compared to where I am? What experiences do you remember well, and most importantly, where do you go for music? All comments are welcome.

I’m sure roaming the earth can leave anyone a little weirded out at times but yet also leave you with excitement. I would think fear and happiness is only a natural reaction for everyone when in the attempt of taking there first step. I can only imagine through my own experiences traveling through Oregon, Washington, and California, however I’d like to know more about other places such as South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. So many different faces, art, food, and music. Even so, leaving home sweet home can be hard to do and I think it’s like this for the most of us 9 to 5 working tools, but don’t get me wrong routine can be pleasant at times and what I mean by that is no surprises! However like I said, one must find inspiration.

Although traveling is still and always freeing, sometimes being swept away into completely different directions can make anyone uneasy. While having a plan is nice, all the unplanned craziness can be fun too. All I have to help me along the way is what I already know. My main goal is to connect with all of YOU. So some areas such as South America would be a good start. It would be great if you guys would share some of your experiences, just drop a comment below. If you’re from other places other than South America, feel free to put your words in too.

It’s amazing how many people of different cultures speaking different languages live in South America. From my own research, People who live in South America are a very family oriented and are a purely religious type of people, with a variety of interests in the arts and traditions from Spanish, Latin American, Portuguese, and French. Cuisine also takes a huge place concerning art with African, American Indian, European, Chinese, and Japanese.


What food do you like in Peru? How about Irish Pubs in that area? Is Brazil really an ideal place to go surfing? I’ve also heard Brazilian dances are for the most part highly festive. Does anyone go swimming at the Panama beaches, enjoying the sun or stroll through the carnivals and festivals in Colombia. Has anyone here cruised a ship in the Caribbean? What about all the hiking trails in Cuba and spending the whole day at wineries in Puerto Rico? What’s going on in the country realms that are considered unknown? Crimes? Awesome breath taking Sceneries? I have a lot of questions right, I know, but as I have stated one must find inspiration!

As I research fine art in these places, I’ve noticed there are a lot of bright colors in paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photography. Which museums house all of this amazing type of art? Which ones are good to visit?

Visual arts, fashion, and food are great forms of art. However, in my understanding there’s nothing that reaches a person’s mind like music does. You could be listening to music you don’t even understand and still be connected in some way. You don’t even have to know the language to be pulled in. It’s almost like traveling through time or to another place or another reality for that matter.

Just think of all your hardships and sacrifices you go through every day. In what way do you escape from it all? Take that one step into the unknown. For once be unsure of the future and optimistic of all the plans you have. Travel is essential for life. People do it all the time. Through visual arts, exercise, games, food, and very often, music! All you have to do is trust your gut and fall into something and get lost in it. It may even give you some sanity, like a road trip to North America or South America for that matter and let’s not forget about Canada. You don’t have to go that far for it and it’s not like you need a plane to get there.

As most of us know music connects with all of us, speaking to us in a universal language. A universal art that won’t ever die. If your ready to taking the next step and escape through music, click here to listen to my most recent album, Open Communications! And as always thanks for taking the time to read my blog, good day!



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