The Ancestors of Earth

As I sit at this bus stop waiting for my bus I can’t help, but strike up a conversation with the homeless man sitting next to me. Something about him seemed off so my curious side had to know what it was. So as I normally do when meeting new people I quietly wait to hear him speak. His breath reeked of alcohol and his clothes smelled of rot and dirt. Not saying this to make fun of people who are homeless. It just made me feel even more bad for the guy. It started to pour rain and it was close to traffic hour, but since my bus had not arrived yet I had no choice, but to sit there and listen to what this man had to say.

He started mumbling under his breath as if he seemed crazy to most people however, to me it seemed as if he was trying to communicate with me on a telepathic level. Just then he turned toward me and as he did I could see a third eye form from his forehead. At this point his mind and mine where now one. Everything I had been seeing with my two eyes become altered. I took a deep breath as to say I accept this and allowed my mind to become one with his. He spoke to me in a way that I can not describe. It was as if he was speaking to me in another language that I could understand and have never heard before. He spoke of a portal that led to his world and that it was on the outer side of town and that he needed my help in get there.

You can imagine my reaction to all this. To say the least I was shocked and almost could not believe what I was seeing. I could see who people really were as they walked my direction and I could feel what they were feeling, I could see all the toxic gases that were in the air, I could hear the animals speaking. It was as if my world was now filled with magic, a kind of magic that was trying to tell me something.

After coming to terms with this I turned back at what I thought was a homeless man and just looked at him like, Oh my God how can this be? He then responded back with, “we don’t have much time Mr. Poet we must hurry.” I then yelled out with fear and uncertainty saying to him, HOW CAN THIS BE! He then put his hand on my shoulder as if to connect me to a grid from another world, his world. As I found the connection to his world to be one of the most bizarre alien place. I felt as if I had been there before. It was as if it was alien to me, but it wasn’t. I can not explain it in any other words other than it was more like a distant memory; familiar yet forgotten.

I let my mental state of mind fall into his reality and I then understood the importance of getting this homeless man or what I thought was a homeless man to the other side of town and back to the portal he came from. I then asked him telepathically in his own language what is stopping him from going on his own. He then responds back and says, “ My species is far too sensitive for your world and I am doing my best not to feel so much, but because your planet has so much life on it I have no choice. I have to feel everything that is of life and it is much too overwhelming for me to cope with. He also stated that his species is several thousand light years away and that help for him will not arrive for another 2 years.

So I tell him that I will do all in my power in getting him back to his portal. As I tell him this I can feel a sense of love and hope coming from the grid he tapped me into from his world. It was as if his entire world was cheering and as if they were all watching me. I still to this day have never felt such love and intelligence at the same time. It was as if these beings had been practicing how to love for so many decades that their love was of a higher level. I could not help, but cry in joy from an emotion that I had never felt before.

As we made our way to the bus that had just arrived I quickly stood up and then grabbed his arm putting it around my neck to help him on to the bus. I remember feeling like I was helping a king or someone of the highest authority and how proud I was for doing so. As we stumbled on to the bus going up the stars I put two coins in the meter of the bus and away we went. As we sat down I asked him what the nearest address was to the portal. He responded back with his mind and said not to worry, his telepathic powers can control any human mind that gets close enough and that he was using them to control the bus driver, which will take us where we need to go. About an hour and a half into the ride we finally arrived at the destination point. As we get off the bus we find ourselves in an alleyway with many other homeless people. However, as we got closer to them my new telepathic abilities kicked in and I began to see these homeless humans turn into life forms not of our world. It turned out that many other alien life forms were using this portal as well and they were all different from each other.

As we walked through the portal I started having second thoughts, but that had passed once we got to the other side. As soon as we crossed over our human bodies began to change into the form of an alien species that looked as if it had come from the ocean.

Once on the surface of my homeless friends planet he thanked me by showing me his world. As you can imagine it was nothing like I had ever seen before. The sky above us was made of water, the air we breathed was visible in the form of a bright pink mist of water, the ground we walked on was also made of water. It was like we were all walking on water, but you didn’t get wet because our new alien bodies were water resistant and not only that but the sun that beamed down on this planet was so hot and bright that you could see it clear as day. If it where not for the water sky I believe this planet would be burned alive, it would get so hot outside the planet that on a hot day you could see the water sky start form bubbles much like when water is brought to a broile

I later asked my alien friend what was your reason for visiting planet Earth? He then responds back to me saying that many of his species has been reincarnated on Earth and that they have lost contact with them. I ask how so? He then tells me when we die here on my planet all of us are cremated in a way that allows our DNA to never stop living. He said instead of just throwing the ashes out to the wind of our planet like the humans on Earth do, we shoot the ash into space onto the nearest star.

Once the ashes are absorbed by the star, the star hardens and crystallizes, then it will stay in space until the star enters into the orbit of other worlds. If that planet possesses water, and the crystallized star falls out of the planets orbit it will develop new bacteria with the water. Creating new life compatible to live in that environment as it takes a shape that is suitable for that planet. Because Earth is mostly made of water many of our greatest ancestors are on Earth living and breathing like humans.

Sadly since we lost contact 124 Earth years ago, it has now become my job to find ancestors of this mystery. I then asked him, so what did you find? He then stated that the human species is under threat of possible human extinction. He stated that because us humans are not willing to expand our thought process it will be impossible to keep up with the rest of the near by planets and that in return we will show little value to the universe rendering all of mankind to no longer exist.

After coming to terms with this I later discovered that my DNA was of their world which made me a suitable citizen of their planet, so like anyone in their right mind I decided to stay. As of today I have been a member of their planet for the last 47 years, on a mission to bring Earth to a state of awareness using music, storytelling, and the simple act of kindness. In the time of the 47 Earth years that I have spent on their planet I have been to Earth and back over 800 times. Even though I do not consider myself to no longer be human, I still feel it is my duty to uphold the human race, so it can one day thrive again as it has done so diligently once before.

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