The industrial revolution

The industrial revolution is at it again.
In a world where the need for money is followed by a lust for greed, we miss the very reason in what made us this way to begin with. We take what resources we can from our world and it is asking very little in return. It is a pity shame we don’t give her more. After all, we need the planet more than it needs us and because of this we now find our greatest weaknesses. There are so many of us busy with our daily lives and caught up in religions that tell us we must love one another and yet so many of us still don’t follow the true morals of the religions in which we hold so high and because of this we find conflict that leads to war, which I believe keeps us from going beyond our limits in creating products that will allow us to explore space. After all, who cares about space? We all know where we are going when we die right? It is ether heaven or hell. So why go out and explore the stars? Because we just might find out that everything we have ever known has been a lie. At this point we must ask ourselves, should we fear the unknown or embrace it? In the time I have spent on this planet I have found that not only is embracing the unknown key to expanding our minds, but it also relives the fear as well. Much like the relief we get when we believe in a higher power like God. If God him self created us in his own image then I think even he is expecting more from us.

Let’s just step back for a moment and take a good look at the big picture here. What are we really doing on Planet Earth besides basing our entire lives on the cars we drive, the houses we live in, and the number that is in our bank account? I can’t help, but wonder why God allowed this petty way of thinking in which we have. There must be more to life then heaven and hell and a game of football. Not that I don’t like sports or entertainment. If anything sports and entertainment are what show us as a society just how important it is to work together as we unite. There is no greater power than a large mass of people working together for one goal, but in another since I also feel that sometimes, maybe, all this talk of sports and who the next celebrity is dating, really could be nothing more than a distraction to keep us from thinking about the real goal, which is to explore the unknown parts of our universe. It will take some time for us to accept one another in a way that allows us to share ideas without feeling as if we are going to be put down or loose what we have created only to see someone else take it and then get all the credit. I believe before we can move forward this will be one of the most important tasks we face and that is to believe in one another by creating a trust/bond that does not hold back the fabric of space and time, uniting us into a power of one!

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