The Rebirth of Mars

The Rebirth of Mars

The year is 2784 and we have now finally bright Mars back to life with the use of frozen ice partials we found floating in space. Because all of what Mars really needed to regain life was water, once we found the ice in space we knew it was only a matter of time before we could find a way to get the ice into the atmosphere of Mars. I’ll never forget the day. About 50 years ago all of those giant ice crystals came down onto mars.

As the giant ice blocks were pulled into the atmosphere of Mars they begin to melt turning them into water. It was as if Mars was getting rain for the first time. However, it also felt as if we had awoken a giant that wishes to never sleep again.

Even though Mars has only had water for the last 50 years the planet has come back to life much faster than we thought it would. As of today Mars looks very much like earth but with air that is so clean it can cure cancer and water that is so clear you can see it to the bottom of its ocean floor.

The reason why Mars took off so fast is much like the same reason when you give a dying plant water. It comes back to life much faster than it would if it was not dyeing. However there are still many unsolved mysteries to this beautiful, once red planet. It is still uncertain if intelligent life has formed with the water in the last 50 years, so for now all we can see as far as life are plants much like the ones on earth, but still very unique.

The known explorers of Mars to this day are still the scientist that have dedicated their entire lives to this planet. However, as of today that is all going to change. Many of Earth’s leaders brainstormed for years before Mars was complete on what best value Mars would bring to the human species.

Over these years votes were taken. Will Mars be only for the rich? Will Mars be only for the clean energy burning factors? Or will Mars be a planet for all who seek its life?

In the end the decision was made that Mars will continue to be a science experiment. So another decision was made. Since the prison and jail system has never worked, we felt as a society Mars would be best suited for the criminals of Earth.

In the future we found that the only way to have change is through chaos, much like the chaos that was created by the big bang which created Earth.
Our leaders also knew that there were many innocent people in jail and prison and were only there for the greed of the District Attorney, which was prosecuting innocent people in order to make a profit off the taxpayer.

I myself have become a victim of this greed created by the District Attorney and because of this I am now on my way to this new and wondrous world we know as Mars. At this point I am not sure whether I should thank their evil doings or rebel.

It has been over a month since my last court date as I sit and rot in this cell, but today is the day that my cellmate and I will be taken to Mars as ordered by the judge.

As I sit on my bed in my cell I can hear the other prisoners being released out of there cages. Some are petrified, some are overwhelmed with joy, and some just don’t seem to care and only look forward to a life of crime on Mars. However, for me I am very jaded yet, at the sometime excited to start a new life, even though it is on a new planet.

I can hear the prison guards lift the latch to my cell. As the guard opens the door he says in a firm voice, “on your feet scumbags it’s time you face your doom” as he laughs, however I also felt a sense of jealousy in his laugh too.

Many citizens on Earth felt sending criminals to a new planet was unjustified and did not see it as a solution but more of a problem that would only get worse, but what they thought didn’t matter in the end for the decision was made and because of this my cellmate and I are now on a bus heading to the launch pad where we will be launched into space on a mission to Mars.

As I sit looking out the window of the bus I can now see the Spacecraft that will be taking us on a six month flight to Mars. It was an older spacecraft that had been used in prior arrivals to Mars, but since it was not coming back to earth it would now remain ours.

We will be relying on one another to survive and I guess in the end that is the lesson here, to teach criminals the value that is needed for a civilization to thrive.

As the bus’s line up one behind the other, they come to a stop right in front of our spacecraft and all 487 prisoners are released off the bus they rode in on. I can now feel the uncertainty and fear of what it will be like living on Mars, but never the less it is time for me to fall into line along with my cellmate by getting off of the bus. We are placed in single file line and loaded up onto our spacecraft.

Once on board we are shown to our rooms which do not resemble a jail or prison like presence, but more of a room that is suited for a man of freedom. The rooms were around the same size as a master bedroom with two beds, a bathroom, a table, a big screen TV, and two bucket seats that had seat belts in which we were to use when the shuttle is ready for take off. As all 487 prisoners are loaded into there rooms on this massive spacecraft it is now time to start the engine.

The spacecraft I am referring to is three times the size of a Boeing 747 jet and can hold all of us in captivity with plenty of food and water for the next 6 months. But before the engines can start a loud beep comes over the intercom followed by the voice of the president of the united states.

These were his words:

My fellow Americans I know many of you are not guilty of the crimes in which the District Attorney has placed on you, but being that my power and the powers of others are only so limited due to a mass population of ignorance and greed, I have no choice, but to release you into the wonders of Mars. I wish you all the very best in your journey and pray that God himself will be with you every step of the way. Remember my friends, it is not what humanity can do for you, but it is what you can do for it. As of today your names will be remembered as the first true pioneers of the planet Mars. May the light guide you to unity, wisdom, love, and peace.

Shorty after that speech I began to cry as if I am leaving the only planet I have ever known. At this point I now understand the true meaning of what it means to be an alien. Never again will I or my friends step foot on Earth.

I can now hear the engines begin to rumble as they start up with intensity. We are now told to remain in our seat and strap in. The front of the space shuttle is now being lifted up by a crane pointing all of us straight up in the air, with the back end of the shuttle resting on the ground. I can now look out my window from my room as I sit buckled in and see everyone on the ground as all of us are being lifted up with the spacecraft about 65 feet in the air. At a horizontal view I am so high up I can see the jail we came from, my house, the factory I use to work at, as well as all the prison guards, news cameras, staff from the white house and the president himself which were all right below us. They all just looked at us as if we were now no longer apart of their world. At this point I cannot help, but cry with feelings of love and hate as I sit here in my seat trying to reason with the corruption of the District Attorney and the justice system that has ripped me away from my wife and kids, leaving them to live in poverty. But since it is out of my hands, I lay my head back onto the headrest of my seat and allow it to happen. I can now hear the pilot talking to ground control over the intercom going through all systems to make sure we have a successful flight.
We now have a go for launch.

In 3. 2. 1. LIFT OFF! And away we go. The space shuttle begins to shake and rattle as we lift off. The G-force begins to push me into my seat as we reach for the stars. I feel the only thing to do at this point is to close my eyes and pray for a better life on Mars. A life that will not be lead by money and greed for the sake of a justice system that will no longer be putting innocent people like myself in jail or prison ever again.

It’s been over a month now in space and it would appear that most of the other inmates have similar stories much like mine. They had families that they were taken away from as well and convicted of crimes they did not commit. If I were guilty in which I am not, I would have a hard time believing these jail birds, but because I was wrongly convicted I am more open to the possibility that they are telling the truth. It’s funny how once they put you in jail clothes instantly people see you has a criminal and the District Attorney thrives on this for their own greedy pockets, sucking the life out of us with the use of our own tax dollars. Sometimes I can’t help, but laugh about it. I mean think about it. We as citizens are paying a tax to the justice system and in return they use that very funding to lock us up just so more people can keep paying their taxes in fear that all of those so-called bad people will be let out of jail and prison if they do not pay up.
And the more I think about just how ignorant the people on Earth have become the happier I feel about starting a new civilization on Mars. It’s almost as if Mars is calling us. As if we are the seed and it is the egg.

Since we left Earth I have made some good friends here on this shuttle we now call home. I have come to find that most of these so called criminals are professionals with job skills that range from Welding, Carpentry, Masonary, Electricians, Software Engineering. As well as many other Engineers that support almost every job skill like machine learning experts that work well with Artificial Intelligence. Which in my opinion is a god send for us tradesmen.
In this day and age of Artificial Intelligence we tradesmen use robots to do our work. However, the robots are still operated by humans that can oversee the robots work and to make sure we as humans can stay in good relationship with these amazing new life living machines. We as humans have found when working side by side AI machines they can learn more from us about human emotion and interaction, as we can learn more about them in terms of logic in return it is a win win for the both of us.

I for one am a Welder that has a fascination with AI. So, getting to know some of these genius AI guys has been pretty amazing. In fact just yesterday I was talking to one in the cafeteria over lunch. He started going on to my friend and I about how Mars has a few robots still on it from way back in 2020 that were never found. He believes that these robots that were never found have the AI of a 14 year old, but now could very well have evolved into the mind of a 200 year old human with the sharpness of a 22 year old. I asked him how can this be? He then says, my friend AI is very much a new form of life that people still know every little about. All we can do as humans is just go with it and hope for the best, but for what it’s worth I do believe they are the next step in evolution. They have no need for greed or global warming. I believe they are a reflection of us in the most perfect way. That is why if the human species is to have a fighting chance from becoming extinct it will be with what we learn from these AI machines. Later that night as I lay in my bed I dream of what our lives will be like on Mars and now look forward to our arrival.

It’s been 3 months so far since we left earth and most people are starting to retire to their hibernation pods. In these pods you only have one setting and that is to either sleep for the rest of the mission or stay up, and because most of us have become restless of being awake we are now giving into sleep. As I look around I see many of my now good friends shaking hands with each other and wishing one another a good and long sleep till we get to Mars. In this time of sleep we will not see each other for another three months. It is as if we are all getting ready to cross through a portal; a patrol of sleep.

So one by one we all get into our pods. Some of the men bring pictures with them of loved ones from earth that they may never see again. Some even bring pictures of their pets. Inside I feel good that we are aware of what we are doing, but sad that it was forced on us. Even so, we have all the skills needed to start a new civilization. A civilization that will not fall into the hands of the corruption found from organizations that are ran by the District Attorney, The Pharmaceuticals, GMO driven companies, as well as oil and coal burning factories that are largely responsible for global warming.

As I make my bed for the last time before going to my sleep pod, I am anxious with anxiety as the fear of the possibility of not waking or dieing in my sleep sets in. As hard as it was not to overthink, I make my bed, clean my room, and gather the photos of my wife and kids before leaving my room.

My roommate and I are some of the last ones to enter our pods. As I walk up to my pod the door is open. I put my right foot in first followed my left. All the pods are on the 3rd floor of the space shuttle lined up side by side and leaning at a 45 degree angle. As I lay back into my sleep pod the door automatically shuts. I then tape pictures of my wife and kids on the window of my pod and for the moment I am happy they are here with me. Soon after, my pod starts to fill with a light green fluid that reaches to my face. I then do what almost feels wrong, but know it must be done and suck the fluid into my lungs. I then feel a warming sensation and slowly start to fall into a deep sleep. For the next 3 months the spacecraft remained silent while we were all asleep.

But just then all of the sudden I feel cold and start to cough up the fluid and for the moment I feel that something went wrong. I thought how is it that I am already waking up? The fluid that was inside my lungs is now out and I am worried I woke up too early, but as I look at my watch I see that three whole months has passed and that we only have a few hours before we land on the surface of Mars. As I exit my sleep pod many others are doing the same. I can hear the ship’s intercom counting down second by second until we reach the surface. I then hear one of the guys from the machine learning department yell out and say, “Can somebody shut that damn thing off?” We all knew he was talking about the ship’s intercom counting down. So I yell out, “sure thing boss right on it.” I figure hell might as well get some brawny points in with one of these guys before we touch down. So I go to the intercom switch on the first floor and shut it off. As I look out of the spaceships window I can now see Mars. It almost looks like Earth. It has to be one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. However, this is no time for sightseeing we only have two hours left before we touch down. Even though the ship is ran by it’s own computer we must prepare ourselves for the unexpected. After all we are no longer at the comforts of Earth. Most of us have never even been to space until now, let alone step foot on another planet. So, you can imagine the fear of uncertainty that was going through all of us.

As I rush back to my room to gear up, I notice once I get there a section of the left wall was raised up showing a large locker filled with weapons and amio. I had no idea we would be receiving weapons till now and I am not the only one. Every other room had the same looker filled with plasma hand grands, laser firing guns, body armor and headset radios that was attached to our helmets so we could communicate with one another once we touched down. Once I saw the weapons I quickly geared up, at this point we only had 30 minutes left before touch down. I rush putting on all of my body armor. As I do I can feel the ship start to shake as we enter the gravitational pull of Mars. At this point I can feel Mars almost talking to me. It is as if it’s speaking to me saying, “Respect me, I am of the most danger and beauty you will ever experience.” I am now fully suited, with a laser rifle on my back, a laser side arm on my hip, and 15 plasma grenades wrapped around my chest. I then flip on my radio and then call out anyone there. I then get severely loud response from the other prisoners. Instantly all of them call out their names as to say I am here and ready for war. One by one they report back to me with their name and badge number. It would seem they now see me as their leader and I respond back with, “let’s take it nice and slow guys. It’s time to show Mars how we humans can dominate a planet.” I then hear some of the guys respond back with, “Amen brother!” We are now at the last 10 second countdown and the ship’s intercom counts out in, “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 touch down.” There now is a moment of about 30 seconds of dead air on the radio as if all of us are like, “oh my god we are really here.”

I then get on the main channel and give the order for all of us to meet on the 3rd level of the ship in front of the main entrance in which we can all exit the ship from. Making my way to the 3rd floor, as I leave my room, all of the other prisoners do the same and we all move in a orderly fashion to the 3rd level of the ship. It is as if all of us felt the craving to have order, a sense of comfort in familiarity to what really makes us human. As I get to the 3rd floor there are a good 400 prisoners in front of the main door of the spacecraft. All of them are armed and ready to take on whatever could be on the other side of the main door.

The main door is 40 feet high at 30 feet wide. So all of us can exit as a crew however, no one seems to be ready or willing to open the door. As I come down the last flight of stairs I can see everyone in front of the door looking at me as if they are waiting to hear me say a speech before the door opens. Before coming to the bottom of the stairway I call out to my crew with these words:

“Men I know most of you are afraid as am I, but this is no time for fear. We are human and if our species can dominate Earth then we shall do so on Mars as well.!” Just then, all of the men start to chant with their fists in the air shouting out, “Human! Human! Human!” This was the first time I had ever felt that being a human was something special. The main door then begins to open. As the daylight of Mars appears we are stunned by it’s beauty.

The air had a smell to it that reminded me of rain and roses. The time must have been 12 noon and the Sun was shying bright with blue skies and bright red clouds. Instead of white clouds like the ones on Earth, the clouds on Mars where red. There was also what looked to be many pine trees around us. As I walked up to one of them all of it’s branches lifted upward and when I would back away from a tree all of the branches would then go down. It was as if the plant life was much more alive then the plants on Earth.

All of us had soon exited the space shuttle. Forming into groups. For the next few weeks we spend most of our time looking for food and water which was not to hard to find, but never the less keeping our spacecraft as our main base, some of the men have even put up tents as far as 50 miles out on a search for meat and every now and then they would come back with what looked like a sea creature that lived on land but tasted like chicken. However most of the food gathered came from plants.

We’ve found varieties of food like watermelon, squash, potatoes, and so on, but they all had their own appearance to them that were slightly different than the food on Earth. Like the watermelons were the color blue and the inside of it was orange. The potatoes were dark green, yet when sliced smelled like a sweet aroma. Because of where we landed there was a lake about 50 yards west of our spacecraft with water that tasted exactly like the water on Earth but much lighter and cleaner as if you were drinking air.

Our spacecraft landed in the middle of a field that was the size of about 40 acres of green grass, surrounded by what looked to be a rain forest. For the next few weeks my roommate and I would wake early from the ship to go fishing at the lake. Some of the guys even had tents out by the lake. The fish that came from that lake looked as if they belonged in the ocean. There were so many different types of fish that we had caught, however we did not care, we were just hungry and happy that we had food to eat.

It has now been two months and we have just now been able to make contact with Earth, but it is a one way signal and we were not able to respond back. The message stated that they are sending another ship of prisoners which were all female. This was a big surprise to most of us, but if we were going to reproduce on this planet we would need women to do so. As the days went on their ship finally arrived. As it landed it landed in the same field as ours, I could see men coming out of the forest in large groups looking forward to the companionship of a women. It would appear without women us men seem to be somewhat lost. So this was a good thing, I now feel that we have more direction as a civilization.

It has now been over 396 years since we arrived on Mars and I bet you’re wondering how I could still be alive, and the answer is my body is not, but my mind still is. Believe it or not we were able to keep ourselves alive by transporting our human brain into the machine of a robot, we used parts off our space craft to do so. Our ship was disassembled one piece at a time allowing us to build a city that would soon grow to a population size of 37,000 which it is today.

We now have a city that is thriving with life and not just human/robot life, but the city itself has been integrated into the planet turning it into an artificial/organic organism. Because history tells us of they way us humans where 396 years ago on earth we found by allowing the city to become apart of the planet we will prevent global warming which wiped out the human species on Earth about 200 years ago. During that time many Earth dwelling humans made their way to Mars for survival, but for them it was too late, we had already dominated the planet and had a strong defense against invaders.

Even though the earthlings were human, we now were not only human, but also half machine and out performed them on every level. When a shuttle from Earth would arrive they were told where to land and to disarm all of their weapons. If they did not obey our orders we would then send a magnetic flux wave through their shuttle as they would approached our planet and in return making their spacecraft only controllable by us.

At first most of the Earth dwelling humans came in packs of military force however, once they reached our planet to their supersize our artificial/organic atmosphere could be controlled with a machine on the ground giving off intense magnetic flux waves that cared storms with saver lighting, rain, wind, tornado’s, and snow with extreme blizzards all controlled by us and the planet. And if that did not work we also had a multitude of giant lasers that could reach space if needed. In short they did not stand a chance.

It was as if our beautiful planet Mars was working with us as we were working with it and because our data base ran though the planet, the planet itself feared the Earth dwelling humans for they were of greed and corruption. We all watched Earth from Mars about 200 years ago as Earth slowly began to die to the effects of global warming. By the time the earthlings tried to change the effects of the weather, it was too late and most life as we know it on Earth began to die as well as the planet itself. However nevertheless that didn’t stop them from trying to enter into Mars without our permission.

We did however allow some of the Earth humans to stay here as long as they were of a peaceful nature and did not pose a threat to our planet or our species. As for all the other humans that showed up we were able to find use for them as well by dissecting their brains, using them for many experiments trying to understand what made them of such sick evil.

We took the evil doers of Earth into large underground chambers filled with a gas that would relieve their pain in which they were about to face. In these underground chambers there were separate rooms that all had tables with straps where they would be placed on in a vise that held them down onto the table for weeks at a time. We would then cut them open from top to bottom to try and understand how to prevent the same human extension that happened on Earth.

Because we were now half robot this seemed like a very logical thing to do. Some of these corrupt evil humans were so scared they would whined up going crazy and literally short circuit their brain, making them useless. Most of them would just scream in fear pissing and shitting themselves as they were dragged to their rooms.

Because the first arrivals on Mars was sent here against their will being ripped away from their lives on earth, there was little sympathy for these corrupt Earth dwelling humans.

Most of them had worked for the District Attorney’s office that was heavily driven by corruption, pharmaceutical companies, oil and coal burning corporations that were largely responsible for global warming, as well as the GMO driven factories that were heavily responsible for the lack of food causing worldwide starvation. One by one each human of this corruption was taken into a room where they would then be opened up for a better understanding of what made them this way to begin with.

But as for the rest of us on the service of Mars, life goes on. Over the years we have come into contact with many other alien species and by doing so we have learned how to travel at the speed of light. We have also discovered many other planets that also have cities that are integrated into the planet as we have on Mars, but the most important thing if anything, we have learned that we must value life and not just human life, but any life that chooses to value us as the Mars dwelling robot/humans that we are.



Chapter 2

Saving Earth

In the last 8 month we have gathered data showing that there is now a total of 249,000 humans on the surface of Mars, and a good 120,000 of those humans have been placed underground for unjustifiable evil doings in which they committed back on Earth before they arrived to Mars.

In this time we have also discovered that there are still many other humans living on Earth underground as well, far from the radiation and other extreme environmental hazards.

As word got out about the other humans living underground on Earth, most of the remaining humans on Mars become concerned that their loved ones could still be alive. So it wasn’t long after that a rescue mission was put into place by the leaders of Mars in order to save any humans we could from the mass corruption that was taking place in which was brought on by organizations known as The DA, IRS, Pharmaceuticals, Oil and coal burning factors, as well as GMO driven organizations which were largely responsible for worldwide starvation.

Even though most Martians believed that many Earth humans were of danger, we still knew that there was goodness in them and wanted to help if possible.

We discovered that fully organic humans had very powerful subconscious minds that could literally change the reality in which they were in just by believing.

So we then quickly started to do studies that led us to more information on the complexity of the human mind.

Within our studies we soon came to an amazing discovery. We found that within the human mind everything they knew to be real was also based off a belief, also known as faith, or hear say, which would concluded to be a lie until they chose to believe it, as what they concede to be reality, thus in return creating the reality around them.

So the scientists of Mars then conducted an experiment by planting shiny blue rocks around the planet leaving only a few thousand to be found.

And then soon after just as we suspected humans were trading the shiny blue rocks that we had left out for food and shelter. Not only did this strategy work for their economy to thrive, but it also worked in leadership too.

So we Martians then picked a human on our planet whom we felt was of good statue. We also felt he contained the most organic makeup as he looked of good standards.

Afterwards we then started spreading rumors that this average human was a God. We then promoted him by saying that he was of power and should be followed, and sure enough just as we expected almost every human on the surface of Mars began to believe we were telling the truth as they soon began to follow this average human. It was as if they all had blinders on following this man in a single file line.

At this point it is now safe to say the human race can easily be persuaded giving an action known as the blind leading the blind.

So we then took one of the followers of this average human aside and asked her why she believed that this man was a God? She then responded back by saying that it was an act of faith and that she did not want to go to hell for if she was to lose faith in his power she would then be cascaded down to a lake of fire known as hell for all eternity. However for us Martians faith is nothing more than hearsay.

After her statement, we Martians then came to the understanding that most humans are only interested in following a God due to their own fear and uncertainty of death.

However as for the other 10% of humans on Mars, they chose NOT to follow this man we said was a God.

In fact after talking with one of them, they soon started questioning our actions and wanted proof, and that if we did not provide them with proof then they would declare are statements of nothing more than hearsay. It was very clear at this point that this particular individual of the 10% was more concerned with embarrassing the unknown instead of fearing it like the mass majority that believed us when we told them our lies of the human we pick to be a God.

Soon after our studies where over we Martians found that the human race showed very close similarities to what would be known as children. So from that point on we knew right then and there if we were to send these beings known as humans back to Earth it would be like leaving a two year old child home alone, for if there world were to be invaded by other intelligent life forms there would be little hope for them as they would soon become extinct or left without the resources they needed to survive.

We were still very amazed at the power of the subconsciousness in which the humans possessed. Their telepathic abilities were far greater than ours, due to their belief structure in which they had also known as faith. So because of this, us Martians had to learn more about these fully organic beings from Earth and decided to help them in any way possible. As Martians, we too had limitations and were only able to advance ourselves with the use of technology and time. But limited to the ability of the subconscious part of our brain in which the human possessed.

By getting a better understanding of the human mind we were already experiencing what a human would call supernatural, but still could not out rule the fact that this supernatural activity was nothing more than illusions created by the mind.

Even though fear was high for most of the humans on Mars, due to the fact that many good humans were still on Earth, we all knew that if there was even a chance of saving one innocent life on this mission to Earth it would be well worth it. For at this point, the humans on Earth were on the brink of extinction.

On this mission we would be taking many of our own short range fighter jets known as k12’s. The K12 was not only capable of combat in space, but also capable of combat on planets like Earth, and just to make sure they would not get shot down by ground missiles from Earth, we also brought our ground combat hover craft, weather war computers that where the size of a small minivan and capable of creating some of the most severe synthetic natural disasters you can think of, as well as many android ground troops, all armed with high powered long range lasers. We would also be using what is known to be a class 8 mothership to carry all of us and our equipment. This class 8 mothership was known as the “Eclipse” the Eclipse was built and designed on a planet known as Vetfour.

The Vetfourians were a highly intelligent species and were also our allies and since they taught most of us Martians what we know as of today about space travel, we found there spacecraft to be of the most highest quality. So by having a class 8 mothership from Vetfour on our planet was also very much like having a Rolls-Royce in your driveway.

But we Martians also had our own talents as well when constructing spacecraft. Most of what we built in regards to spacecraft was the k12 short-range fighter jets that used a sophisticated tracking device that could track wormholes. We were also the only ones in our sector of space that knew how to get are small short range fighters into a state of invisibility.

However the Eclipse on the other hand was a class 8 mothership about the size of Downtown San Francisco and could house every sector of our military and every bit of equipment that we needed to fight a war. Not only that but if need be because our civilization was so small we could latterly fit our entire species into the Eclipse in case the need arose for us to evacuate our own planet.

But since this mission involved bringing back as may humans as we could to Mars, we only had enough room for loading our military forces and whatever equipment we could carry.

As of now it has been over two weeks of loading up the class 8 Vetfour mother ships known as the Eclipse. And because the Eclipse for the most part was a famous and well know spacecraft, word got out very soon around our sector in space that we would be taking the Eclipse to Earth and possibly end up in a battle. So because of this during our time of departure from Mars we had many other aliens dropping by our planet Mars, to see one of the largest spacecraft they have ever seen reach orbit and that is exactly what they got.

When the time came to lift off all of Mars and the other aliens that joined us stud to watch.
We kept the Eclipse far out in the desert of Mars as close to the equator as we could get it, and used it as our main base for all military forces. But when launching it into space we used what is called gravitational metrics. Which is built on the three base quantities length, time and force with base units meter, second and kilopond respectively.

In other words we used the gravitational pull from the sun to launch it into space.

To do this, we had to use four beam deflectors which came with the Eclipse when we perched it from Vetfour. Each one was the size of the empire state building and was stationary on Mars. We had one at the top of the planet, one at the bottom of the planet, and two facing outward from each other at the far ends of Mars ranging from East West

There job was to harness the gravitational pull from the sun in order to get our giant spacecraft into orbit. So as another week went by it was finally time to lift off.

By now you are probably wondering who I am, So I’ll take this moment to introduce myself. My name is “General MacArthur” I am a full on Martian, just like all the other Martians my brain has been transferred from my human body to my robotic body as my human body died a few hundred years ago.

I will be in charge of this mission and reporting back to you, “the reader of the past”. I am sending this important information to you in hopes that the people of your planet will soon change their way of life before this mass corruption takes over your world.

So, with that being said let’s move on back to the story. Cheers!

It was around 3pm on a Wednesday when I got the call at my home office from my commanding officer Erick Smith that the Eclipse was now ready to make the departure from Mars to Earth. So I then quickly gather the last of my things as I then proceeded in heading out my front door making my way to my hovercraft which was in my driveway.

As I rode out of town towards the desert on my hovercraft I can now see the Eclipse about 34 miles out. It will be another 20 minutes before I reach the Eclipse, but because the spacecraft is so big I would be staring at it until I arrived.

In order to abroad the Eclipse you had to drive your vehicle underneath it where you would then be beamed aboard. Because of its massive size the Eclipse was always in a hover like state and never touched down onto a planet but would more the less just hover about 3000 feet in mid air.

As I drive my hovercraft up to the Eclipse I can now see each sector of our military forces being beamed aboard along with their equipment in which was also being beamed aboard.

Underneath the Eclipse it was so big that it literally blocked the sun for miles.
As I step out of my hover craft I can now see one of our androids making its way back from Earth coming into the atmosphere of Mars about 4 miles up.

It is burning red hot from the friction on reentry due to a pour angle in which it is on, but it should still be fine given the fact that every piece of that android is made of a high quality copper only found on Mars.

As it comes down it is moving way too fast and is now only at only 10,000 feet. At this point it has too much momentum to stop and does a fly by at about 1,2000 feet up doing moch 5 as it breaks the sound barrier leaving some of us deaf for a good minute or so, but before it can reach me I quickly cover both of my ears in a big hurry and duck down as the sonic boom sounds out I can feel it hit me, and I am now thrown to the ground.

As I get up off the ground the first thought that came to mind was who I should fire for this, but decided to put it aside for now due to the urgency of our mission.

As I continue watching the android fly off it soon turns back and dose a safe landing close by the Eclipse about 120 feet out from the Eclipse.

The Android we sent was sent to Earth to collect data in regards to the mass destruction Earth was facing and was also responsible for providing us with tactical data we could use to our advantage in order to invade Earth as we take it over.

And the data that we received from that android we found to be of the most horror.

We soon saw video footage of innocent random people being dragged out of their homes into the streets where they were then beaten and slaughtered, but it wasn’t just any random people believe it or not these people where law abiding citizens that were being beaten and raped by an organization know as the DA. At this point the DA had full control over Earth, and was now on a warpath to get as many people as they could under their control.

Because the bigger city’s where too hard to control do to the size of the population, they decided to start with smaller towns in Merced county like Los Banos CA and Turlock CA where they used our own police force against us. Many of the police officers in the end tried to fight back against the DA but after some time it became of no use and now found themselves working for the DA as they too now wanted the planet for themselves, and if that was not enough the GMO driven organizations now had the right to experiment on humans at their own free will.

As a result the DA and IRS where now working to gather and desperately needed to find a way to grow food in a GMO format, for all organic plant life that was left showed little signs if no signs of life do to the extremely poor air quality that was created by the oil and Coal burning factory.

Most of what we saw from that video was broadcasted all through Mars. All we could do was just stand there in terror and watch these innocent law abiding citizens be beaten and tortured in the most extreme way. During that day most of the humans that where on Mars resorted to their own religious beliefs. In tears, they prayed to their God in a desperate cry for help.

I soon gave the order to all Martians for a moment of silence, for the video we had just whiched was tragic and horrifying. So for the next five minutes there was nothing but dead air.

Afterwards we soon resumed to our duties by getting ready to make a departure from Mars to Earth as all of us where now aboard the Eclipse. As we resumed I could now see there were strong feelings of anger and hate coming from the soldiers in which I was in charge of, but nevertheless I too had to keep my emotions in check.

Because we Martians where only a mere 37,000 as the Earthlings were still at a whopping 2.3 billion. We knew they could possibly take over the Eclipse, for if they did that would be it for us Martians.

But because we were half human we saw the human race as our great ancestors and felt obligated to do the right thing which was to bring order back to Earth and restore the rights they had relied on to maintain a life of peace.

However we still felt that we had a good chance in saving Earth since our technology was a good 4,000 years ahead of theirs, and if that was not enough we also had the Vetfourians as our allies as they too felt Earth still had a strong place in their universal design.

Because the Vetfourians were also telepaths they knew the Earth humans had the ability to go above and beyond them if they were to use all 100% of their brain. So because of this we agreed to let the Vetfourians invade Earth for their own planet just in case us Martians were not able to get the job done in bringing Earth back to its original state.

But because Earth was once ours we did not what this to happen. But we also knew that the Vetfourians were a peaceful species and was only looking to learn as much as they could from the Earth humans in hopes of gaining a stronger insight in to their telepathic abilities.


To Be Continued


Author: Tone Poet

Editor: Amber Seth Jillian

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