Welcome to VetFour your cooperation is much needed here as we preserve all walks of life.

This is the message that kept replaying over and over again every 5 minutes or so as we flew are earth like space shuttle on to the planet of VetFour. It had been a long and grueling 8 months of hibernation in our shuttle after leaving Earth but as we flew on to the surface of VetFour I was as they say a child in a candy store, the rest of the 16 crew members felt excited as well.

The year on Earth was 2073 and space travel to the masses was for the most part unheard of for if a civilization like the one Earth where to find out about our space traveling and the other worlds and cultures we have found they would soon see their God does not exist, giving a new area of fear creating anarky on a mass scale of possible human extinction.

Hi my names Chad Olsen, I am 42 years old and one of the several hundred space explores of or secret society known as Sinagod. We believe that just because 83% of the world chooses to fear what they do not know, that does not mean the rest of us have to as well. Over the melanoma space travel for the most part has been looked at as a waste of time and since 83% of the human population seemed to have it all figured out in relation to their views on religion giving birth to this ideology that there is a place called heaven and hell and when you die you will either go up or down but we have found that there is much more to it then going up or down, in fact not only will your spirit go up or down but left to right as well and so on. We have found that there are a multitude of dimensions at play in the human mind when it is faced with death.

Since the day I can remember I have been staring off at the stars in amaze of wonder wishing and hoping that one day I would be visiting the places I could only see with my telescope. I was 27 at the time and had just earned a master’s degree in space travel when I received an email from a man that goes by the name of Sinagod Johnson of the Sinagod Society.

In the email he stated that my services were much needed for a new program their organization had been working on, and that it had very much to do with space travel. Being that I was a straight A student I had many other employers contacting me in hopes that I would meet with them to talk about my qualifications but Mr. Johnson’s offer was much different as I read the email most of what I got from it was as if it was not just a job but more of a service to prolonging the human race. To say the least I was flattered and responded back asking him if there was a good time for us to meet.

Shortly after sending that email I then got up and walk out of my home office to my kitchen for something to snack on, but as I walked down my hallway to my kitchen it felt as if someone or something was following me. I quickly turned around with a build of adrenaline and was then flashed with a bright light that put me to sleep, the next thing I remember was seeing my body come out from under me in a slow motion kind of way, as my consciousness slowly came into the effects of gravity, I could then no longer feel that heavy 27 year old corps. I felt as if I had become free and the being that was standing there the whole time now was looking straight at me.

He looked like a dark card he had a flat wide body with legs and arms. He then spoke to me with his mind and said fear not we are of the same DNA. I am Netblock 57, ruler of the seven seas found on planet Tallwind. We are a peaceful race that has been working with the Sinagod Society for the last two hundred years.

He then explained to me that all I had to do was say, wake me and this will all be forgotten and that I would then return back to my body, however the thought of returning back to my body was like asking me if I wanted to feel the pain of gravity, so I told him no this for some reason feels right as if I have done this before. He then explained to me that I now have the power to look as my original self, or be transformed into another human body, I could now look at anyone I wanted to and then take over there mind and bodied but to do so will take practice as it is an art that the Tallwind aliens have a gift for. I then ask why I will need this power. He then said, it is not a matter of needing it, it is a matter of understanding it so you will no longer need to feel the addiction of greed which so many of you humans suffer from. Buy having a better understanding of the common stranger you decide to invade, you will soon see we all want the same thing, which is peace and love, and by understanding this you will no longer feel hate followed by greed and leading to war as your species loses the ability to think. He then says you are now a step above the average human.

Over the course of 15 years working with Sinagod I had the opportunity to visit not just the worlds I saw in my telescope as a child but also many other ones that I had no idea could even exist. However on Planet Vetfore it was very different from the other planets that we humans have been to. Vetfor was a big ball of gas, however the gas that this planet was made of could support human life. It was the only gas planet that we have ever seen that could support human life it also had buildings, airports, houses, and so on. All of it looked as if it was floating in mid air, however as we touched the core services of this gas giant our sensors found that we were in facet not floating in mid air but standing on the gas itself. The gas here was so dense that you could walk on it, build on it, fly in it, and not only that but everything was much litter as well, we also found the aliens showed incredible levels of sophistication like nothing we have seen before. Nowhere in this part of space have we humans ever felt so welcome.There technically was a good 47,000 years ahead of ours. They were so advanced that most of them transported their bodies everywhere they went and had no use for cars. The only time they flew in a spacecraft was when one of them would leave their planet.

As we touched the core gas surface of the planet we were greeted by two Vetfouryens that had been talking to us telepathically while in flight aboard our shuttle, they both stood on either side of our spacecraft holding out there right hand as if to say welcome, we mean you no harm.

As the bay doors of our shuttle began to open I could feel warm and cold pockets of gas that would be highly toxic on Earth but since the environment on Vetfour was so different from the environment on Earth the gas’s that made this planet where in fact good for your health in fact it has been said by many of Earth’s scientists that once you leave Vetfour after a 24 hour stay you will have gained another 8 months of your life.

My mission on this planet was to blend in and become a part of a family in one of the nearby suburbs. Because we humans are so unadvanced compared to these Aliens the only clearance we could get to study them was to be adopted by a family of Vetfouryens, and because they looked at us as children they found that we made great pets as well.
As soon as we arrived to the planet I was adopted by a family of four and as for the rest of my crew they too were adopted by other families. We all had agreed to a six month contract that would allow are stay on the planet for a total of six months. As they transported my body to my new home I found myself in a community that had no ground. It looked as if people were standing above you and below you when outside. Everything outside was see through except for the structures in which they have created and yet inside the house everything was solid.

My new family had a hard time communicating with me at first but after sometime my human instincts kicked in and I soon learned where to use the restroom. They taught me how to fly and talk telepathically, they even got me my very own human house right out on their 42 acre back yard, and it was a pretty nice house to, ranging at a size of two stories with Earth like features with a square footage of 3,500 square feet. Sometimes late at night I would stay up and jump off my roof and practice landing in the front of their house. They always loved seeing me do that. Every time I would jump off my roof and then land, they would peek out there curtains from inside their house smiling with their little beady eyes and big heads. Sometimes after landing they would even play music that I would then dance to, this gave them much pleasure to see me performing out all the tricks they had taught me. I hope one day more humans like me can be given a good home, on Vetfour to aliens that are of this intelligence.

Even though my time on Vetfour was only for six months, I am now more advanced than I could have ever been if I had chosen to stay on planet Earth. If this is heaven then heaven is of the most wonder and beauty for I now see the unknown as it is now known.


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